Begin Your Application Process

1. Download Application Packet

Downloading our printable Application Packet is the first step of our application process.

If you are unable to print your application packet please call us to request an Application Packet be mailed to you.
Download Full Application Packet

Prefer to have a download link emailed to you?

2. Fill out all forms included in the Application Packet

All forms in the Application Packet must be filled out in full before submitting your application.

3. Submit your Application Packet

To submit your packet call and schedule an appointment with our office. We will review your Application Packet and create copies of sensitive documents.

4. Screened for eligibility

Once you have submitted your Application Packet and all necessary documents have been provided, you will be screened for eligibility.

5. Placed on waitlist

If you are eligible for public housing you will be notified of your placement on the wait list.

6. Contacted for placement

Once you near the top of the wait list we will contact you to discuss the next steps.